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Description of EXIF Photo Tag Editor

Those who like taking photos with their smartphones are familiar with this problem: The photos are upside-down, have strange captions, contain wrong information or information like location and time you do not want to publish.

The Exif Photo Tag Editor allows you to edit this information:

It can show the Exif Data from your photos, edit and erase it. The Exif format is a type of information-data, called metadata, in most of your photos. It stores all known information like GPS position, time and date, and the details of the camera. This information can only be accessed and edited by using an editor which is able to manipulate and manually modify this type of information.

You decide what information will be left on the photo!

Exif Photo Tag Editor creates an exact copy of your original photo the moment you start editing it, while the original photo is kept untouched . Thereby none of your previous Exif Tags will be lost while editing, because you will always keep the original photo. If your Exif Data cannot be edited by Exif Photo Tag Editor and it is shown as "blank" to you, it doesn't mean that the Exif Tags are lost; they are still there in the original file. The Exif Photo Tag Editor only opens and edits the formerly created copy of it.

Exif Photo Tag Editor saves your edited image copy as a JPG. If you are using PNGs these photos will be converted and saved as JPEGs, because PNGs do not support Exif Data.

All Functions:

- change or delete date, time and author

- add or remove GPS tags to images

- rotate and mirror pictures

- change and edit the name of photos

- edit camera model

- modify exposure time

- customize focus distance

- edit white balance

- modify aperture

- adjust ISO

- previous Exif Data will not be lost when using the editor, because you only edit a copy of the photo and not the original photo

- formats supported: JPG, JPEG (PNGs will be converted to JPEG)

Our Exif Photo Tag Editor is the first choice for everyone who likes to have a look at or to change the information, like GPS for example, that is being stored in your metadata.

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Write us an email.

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